Buy a Home

It’s certainly the largest purchase you’re likely to make in your life, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think. With a little preparation and some knowledge, you can choose the home that fits your family needs at a price you can afford.

  1. Learn about the home buying process and common terms.
  2. Find out whether your credit and finances are ready to get you into a home today or if you’ll need to fix up a few things first.  GreenPath, our financial education and counseling partner, has specialists ready to assist you reach your goal. Talk to a housing counselor. 
  3. Determine how much house you can comfortably afford with our loan cost calculatorA good rule is that your total housing payment (including taxes and insurance) should be no more than 35% of your gross (pre-tax) income. 
  4. Speak with your ACMG Mortgage Specialist and get pre-approved for a payment and term that fit your budget. Please contact Janet Seeley, your personal Mortgage Consultant at ACMG, at 315-437-8614 with any mortgage-related questions you have.  An online mortgage application is available, please be sure to reference ACMG and Janet Seeley at the end of the application to ensure a timely response.
  5. Research the area you want to live (services available, tax costs) and consider each family member that will be affected (schools, travel distances for work, potential to expand home as your family grows).
  6. Don’t spend more than you can afford. It’s easy to get emotional about finding and buying your “dream” home, but if you start out spending more than you can afford, the nightmare of constant stress and ruined credit can follow you for years.

Try our customizable Budget$mart program that allows you to view your budget in charts and tracks it month to month.

Visit the GreenPath Housing University to learn more.

Videos: The American Dream

Budgeting To Buy Your Home
  - See what the experts have to say about establishing a timeline and game plan, determining affordability, budgeting to buy, using a team of experts, and meeting qualifying ratios.
Smart Shopping For Your Home
  - Information about becoming an educated home shopper, planning for the future, choosing a lender, and understanding the difference between pre-qualified and pre-approved.
Getting The Right Loan
Helpful insight about financing options, understanding interest rates, factors affecting your payments, the value of good credit, becoming an educated borrower, and the four C’s of credit.
Closing On The House
- See what the experts have to say about understanding the closing process, preparing for your closing, what to do with all the paperwork, and closing “in escrow.”
Maintaining Your Home - Helpful information about maintaining your home year round, protecting your investment, and tax savings.
In Case Of Trouble - Insight on what to do if you have trouble making your mortgage payment. Includes information on how to ask for help, the home foreclosure process, home retention plans, non-retention planning strategies, and rescue scams.

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