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Solvay Middle

UPDATE: Our program has been paused. We look forward to resuming this initiative when possible.

An ACMG kiosk is located in the Solvay Middle School lobby. Credit union representatives visit the school, collect deposits and give small prizes to encourage a life-long savings habit for students who are part of the Youth Savings Program. It's not the amount of the deposit that's important, the value is in building a consistent habit and learning to divide their money into simple categories like: saving, spending and sharing.

Students in 7th and 8th grade can volunteer to help our staff person accept deposits, and this is a perfect step toward volunteering at the high school in our student-run credit union The Vault.

Our youth savings program continues at every grade level for students in the Solvay School District. Opening a savings account and starting their participation in the program is valuable even if you have a separate savings account that you fund for them. The in-school program is focused on "hands-on" skills for your student and we are ready to help as you teach them to make positive money decisions.

Students and Parents -- can find information on:

Parents interested in planning for college costs, can find information on our Coverdell Accounts using the link above. Since the credit union offers nationwide shared branch access to accounts at no cost, your student can successfully transition to high school and college with ease.

Questions? Please send us a message, call us at 315-488-4433 or stop by a branch offic