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Keep the Rewards. Lose the High Rates!

Who is this for?

SimplyCredit can be used in two ways:

  1. Members with rewards cards (like airline/hotel/cash-back) who want to keep the benefits the card offers, but move those high interest rate balances to a fixed, lower rate each month.
  2. For eliminating credit card debt. By transferring your higher variable rate balances to a low fixed rate, your payment will reduce the remaining balance more quickly.

How it works:
  • Members apply online for a fixed, low-rate line of credit with rates as low as 4.99%*.
  • Enroll all your non-ACMG credit cards and pay those from your new SimplyCredit line to avoid high interest rates!
  • You control which cards to pay each month from your ACMG line of credit, or you can set those to automatically move existing balances for your convenience. If you choose the automatic balance feature, you can make one payment to ACMG each month and your Simply Credit line makes all your other card payments!

How to apply:

  • Visit from a computer or mobile device**
  • Sign up with code: ACMGFCU
  • Check for your new approved rate, enroll your cards and begin saving with each purchase!

*Subject to approval. Other rates may apply. **Uploading required documents can done more easily using a device with a built in camera. You can apply via computer and then switch to a smartphone or tablet and use your same username/password to complete the upload of documents.

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