ACMG believes that the security of our members sensitive information is an important responsibility. Beginning with the training of staff to properly identify our members, to restricting unnecessary employee access to your information, we believe that the first step begins at your local branch. Our technology committee has been busy keeping our computer systems as secure as possible, while also making it efficient and easy to use for members.

Given the sensitive information that is stored and transmitted through our systems, we have taken several actions over the past year. We began a process called dual authentication on both our home banking and audio banking systems. This process adds another layer of security making unwanted account access much more difficult. We have 100% encryption on all laptop hard drives and upgraded our internet firewalls, which are now monitored by Secure Networks. We will continue with our periodic outside security audits to ensure that we doing all we can to keep your personal information... personal.

Our next step is to streamline basic processing while tightening security. This will be implemented by branch check capture, which allows us to electronically scan each check. This image will then be sent in for processing, allowing us to eliminate at least one day from the processing time of each check. We will be installing signature pads for signature verification, and we will begin scanning driver's licenses when an account is opened. This will give us greater transaction security on the teller line, and with our commitment to upgrading hardware and software -- we continue working to eliminate more possible vulnerabilities.

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