Board of Directors
Bill Lester - Chairman (Crucible Steel)
Sue Magari - Vice Chair (Member-at-Large)
Brian Fite - Secretary (Member-at-Large)
Russ Gentile - Treasurer (Member-at-Large)
Larry Meade - Director (Member-at-Large)
Ligory Fernandes - Director (Member-at-Large)

Supervisory Committee

Dr. Janice Pliszczak - Chairperson (Member-at-Large)
Bryan Endres - Committee Member (Member-at-Large)
Larry Meade - Committee Member (Member-at-Large)

Members of ACMG Federal Credit Union may send inquiries to:

ACMG Federal Credit Union Supervisory Committee:
Supervisory Committee
P.O. Box 222
Solvay, NY 13209-0222

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Main Branch: ACMG Federal Credit Union
1753 Milton Ave. Solvay NY 13209
(315) 488-4433 or (800) 634-9239

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