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Debit Card Rewards

Our CU Rewards Program is available to members with our Checking Account Debit Card. If you also have or would like to have our Platinum Rewards Credit Card, please visit our Credit Card Rewards page for more details or apply for an ACMG VISA Credit Card.

Debit: Members with 10 or more debit card purchases per month and direct deposit to an ACMG checking account can request our rewards program. NOTE: You will not be able to enroll on the rewards website until your card has been activated for rewards by ACMG staff. Simply contact us if you meet eligibility and would like this free member benefit.

How to earn points:
Debit: Earn 1 point for every $3 spent when you sign for purchases. Request “credit” at the checkout, purchases will always be deducted from your ACMG checking account. Points are available within 3 days of your transaction.


  • Reward points can be converted to cash and credited to your ACMG account!
  • Travel options: trade points for travel gift cards redeemable for airline tickets, cruises and car rentals.
  • Redeem your points for merchandise shipped straight to your home.
  • Gift Cards are available for nationwide restaurants, stores, movie theatres, and gas stations.
  • Donate. Your points can become donations to charities in the Syracuse area, or to national charities.

Registering a card & viewing points:
Easily view points on the website. Register your eligible card to view, shop and redeem those points. Your points total is also listed on your monthly statement. If you trade points (see below), you’ll create one login for the main card.

Trading points:

CU Rewards members with multiple cards can request to have their debit and/or credit points combined for faster redemption.

Here are ways you can trade:

  • Debit cards earn points separately. You can request to have points on a joint card trade to the primary card. (Credit cards with the same account number automatically earn points together.)
  • Your debit card points can be traded to your rewards credit card.

When do points expire?

All points expire on December 31st, up to 4 years from the date they were earned. The oldest year of points will expire as the new year of points begin to accumulate.

Please read the ACMG Rewards Program Terms and Conditions to more clearly understand how debit card usage impacts your Rewards Program access and accumulated points.