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Lifestyle LOC

Life can be full of unexpected challenges, our Lifestyle Line of Credit is an instant access loan that’s available whether you need it today, next month or years from now.

Fill out our online loan application, call or stop in to speak with a loan officer today. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a book of checks so you can “write your own loan” anytime.

Advances available at any time by:

  • visiting an ACMG branch or calling our office
  • making a transfer through online banking or the Access 24 phone banking system.

Use it for family needs like:

  • unplanned home or vehicle repairs
  • uninsured medical expenses (pets, orthodontia or elective surgery)
  • celebrating family moments like weddings or vacations
  • adoption, infertility treatments or the costs of your growing family
  • quick access to cash without any cash advance fees
  • paying off other high interest loans with no balance transfer fees
  • funeral/end of life expenses
  • renovations/home improvements
  • miscellaneous expenses related to attending college
  • making unexpected opportunities turn into reality
  • and other personal or family needs...

Benefits include:

  • rates that reward good credit and assist those looking to build credit.
  • a manageable monthly payment (2%) gives you the choice to payoff your debt faster.
  • auto deduction from your savings account (ensures timely payments)
  • a free book of checks to access this loan whenever needed
  • as a line of credit, this loan retains an available balance as you pay down your debt and gives you the flexibility to meet your needs for years to come

Be prepared for the next time unexpected challenges strain your budget.

Apply Now For A Lifestyle LOC Loan