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Holiday Account

Prepare to make the holidays merrier when you save throughout the year. Members deposit funds into their Holiday Club Accounts & earn interest throughout the year. On October 1, accumulated funds are transferred into your regular savings account so you can begin your holiday shopping. Members who withdraw funds early will pay a small fee (view fee schedule). It takes a minimum deposit of $5.00 to open a holiday savings account.

Special Account

Are you saving for a vacation... a home improvement project... a wedding... or simply need an emergency savings account? No matter what your goal, a Special Savings Account can help. Think of it as an extra savings account that you can use as you see fit - no strings attached! It takes a minimum deposit of $5.00 to open a special savings account.

Escrow Account

Don't dread the arrival of your tax and homeowner’s insurance bills, manage those expenses with an Escrow Account.  Access the funds at anytime to pay homeowner insurance or school and property taxes. Funds used to pay these items must be withdrawn from the Escrow Account in the form of an Official Check and be made payable to the correct payee (i.e. Tax Agency or Insurance Company). It takes a minimum deposit of $5.00 to open an escrow savings account.

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