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Consolidate with ACMG and save with a Visa® Balance Transfer as low as 4.90% APR1  for the life of the loan

Click here to apply or call us at (315) 488-4433.

1 Annual Percentage Rate. Balance Transfer Option is a 3% discount for ACMG credit cardholders on your approved ACMG rate to as low as 4.90%. Discounted rate applies until transferred balance is paid in full. Excludes refinancing of existing ACMG loans. Actual APR may vary. Expires 12/31/21.

Why choose an ACMG credit card? Whether you’re starting to build a credit history, rebuilding your credit, or want to be rewarded for your good credit history... ACMG has the card for you! Apply today for a VISA Credit Card and start enjoying all this card has to offer.

We create our financial solutions to meet the needs of our valued members. In fact, our card was designed with member input on the things they found most valuable. We offer extremely competitive rates, lower fees, flexibility, local decisions and exceptional service.

Want to reduce your monthly payments?

Transfer your other high interest debt to an ACMG VISA Credit Card today -- you’ll be saving money, preserving your peace-of-mind, and getting the service you deserve!

A Special Balance Transfer Rate for the life of the balance!*

No annual fee/No cash advance fees!

Same low rates for purchases or cash advances *

Choose our expansive Merchandise/Travel Rewards card or receive a 1% lower APR – your choice!

Credit limits to meet your needs with local Decisions/Quick Approval - so you can start saving now!

Credit Card Online Access -- view purchases & eStatements, submit balance consolidations, manage cards, report lost/stolen card after hours, and make a payment.

Download the ACMG VISA mobile app in your app store to easily track balances, transactions, history and make payments. This app gives additional control over card use with a lock/unlock feature, the ability to submit travel dates, view your reward points total and set specific alerts. You can add all ACMG debit and credit cards for easy access at any time. ACMG VISA App on iTunes

ACMG VISA App on Google Play
If you don't use our ACMG VISA app, you can set VISA Purchase Alerts for immediate email notification when purchases are made using your card. You can enroll both your debit and credit cards with one login.
Fraud Protection services
Cash advances available at any ACMG Federal Credit Union branch or at Visa/Plus ATMs located in more than 170 countries.
Be treated with the respect you deserve, get the service that you need, and start saving now by carrying a safe, dependable ACMG VISA Credit Card in your wallet!

*See Application Disclosure for complete rate details

Apply now for a VISA Credit Card