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Money Management

This free service simplifies the way you manage your finances from within your ACMG online banking account. Money Management provides you with the tools to see all of your accounts in one place, view how and where you spend your money, then identify ways to save and set goals.

Save Time Tracking Your Finances
No more multiple URLs or passwords to remember. You can easily track all your accounts--checking, savings, credit cards, loans, and investment portfolio--from within your online banking login.

Identify Ways to Save Money

Now you can easily see how much you're spending in specific categories such as travel, utilities, shopping, dining out, rent, and mortgage. You can even set specific spending goals and alerts by category to help you save.

Start using Money Management today:

Simply login to your ACMG online banking account and select the tab to immediately see bubble charts on the accounts you currently have with ACMG, plus you can add your outside accounts like: retirement, other credit cards and loans. Now you can view your transactions, accounts, debt, net worth, and goals in one place! Getting a handle on your finances has never been easier.