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FUSE Auto Loans for Cars & Light Trucks

Great Rates on Car Loans in Syracuse, NY

Enjoy the low payment and flexibility of leasing fused with the benefits of vehicle ownership.

  • Enjoy payments up to 40% lower than a traditional loan. New and some used vehicles qualify.
  • No or low down payment - even the taxes and registration fees can be included in the payment plan.
  • Multiple options to protect your vehicle
  • Mileage plans for various driving habits - from 7,500 - 18,000 miles per year.
  • Flexible terms and actual ownership of vehicle.

Options for end of term: trade it in and apply positive equity toward next vehicle, keep the vehicle by making final payment or turn in the vehicle and walk away from the final payment.


  • Drive a new car - which is safer and has lower maintenance.
  • Get more car for your money - drive a better car for the same amount of money as a conventional loan.
  • It may be possible to convert your current auto loan to a FUSE Loan!

Try our FUSE Loan calculator to see how much you can lower your monthly payment, and apply today!

Traditional Car Loan vs. FUSE Car Loan

  Dealer Lease ACMG's FUSE Loan
Lower Monthly Payments than Traditional Loan Yes Yes
Choose from a Variety of Mileage Options Per Year Yes Yes
Application/Acquisition/Security Deposit Fees, Early Payoff Penalty, and First/Last Month Payments Yes NO
Most New and Used Vehicles (up to 5 Years Old), Including Hybrids - Yes
Vehicle Titled in Borrower's Name and May Be Sold or Traded Anytime Following Loan Origination - Yes