Personal, Overdraft & Secured*

Personal loans can be a fast solution for an emergency repair, unexpected necessary purchases or for taking time away with a family vacation.  Based on your good credit and employment history, a competitive rate personal loan from the credit union does not require any collateral be held to guaranty the loan. 

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Overdraft Options
Accidentally spending more than you have available in your checking account (overdraft or insufficient funds) means a fee or a rejected payment, but you have three options to protect yourself.

  1. Withdraw the remainder of the payment from your savings account -- this Share Overdraft Transfer option is available for a small per instance fee. (See current fee schedule)
  2. Courtesy Pay. This option means a flat fee per item, with up to 30 days to payoff the balance. (See current fee schedule)
  3. The final and best option is the Overdraft Line of Credit. This option is a line of credit loan (see rates) that automatically covers the balance and protects you from an overdraft fee. Apply online now and you'll only pay for the days you have borrowed funds, there are no additional fees to have this protection in place. Another significant benefit to the Overdraft Line of Credit Loan is it’s ability to increase your credit score when used responsibly. Because this small loan can be tied to your checking/debit account for as long as you keep your account open, it builds long-term credit history.
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Secured loans
are available for members who wish to use their own money to secure a loan at ACMG Federal Credit Union. The member’s share account will continue to earn dividends, but a specified share amount is pledged on the loan until it is fully repaid. During the loan period the member pays interest on the loan based on a rate set forth by ACMG’s Board of Directors.

Benefits of a Share Secured Loan include a lower interest rate than a traditional personal loan, flexible terms and members can earn interest on the money pledged in their share/saving account while building good credit history for on-time payments.

Apply for a Secured By Savings Loan

Payment Protection is available to help protect your family, credit rating, collateral and yourself. Speak with a loan officer for all your options.


* If you apply for any loan but do not meet the criteria for loan approval at the time of your application, we may not be able to extend credit to you. APR = Annual Percentage Rate



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