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Lets be honest, no one really enjoys living on a “budget”. It’s sounds just as bad as being on a diet for the rest of your life, but a budget is really just a spending plan to control debt. It means knowing all your bills and necessities are covered, removes the stress and worry that comes with uncertainty, and lets you control how your remaining money is spent. Once you’ve got a plan and stick with it, you’ll be rewarded with better credit scores since your bills are being paid on time. That means you’ll receive better pricing and options on loans and insurance. So how can you make a spending plan? Try our new Budget$mart program or connect with a live counselor (call 1-877-337-3399 or begin your counseling session online).

Pick whichever option you prefer, all the following services are paid for by ACMG:

Debt Counseling Benefits with GreenPath
There are no charges for a GreenPath debt counseling and coaching session. This is a special member benefit, it has been provided by ACMG Federal Credit Union to help you achieve your personal financial goals. It's an opportunity to receive free, impartial advice from an experienced, professional credit counselor without a sales pitch.

How Debt Counseling Works
Your counselor will thoroughly assess your household income and expenses, find places for you to save, and develop a customized spending plan for achieving your financial goals.  The initial debt counseling session usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

What if your situation is desperate?

Collection calls, late notices and constant stress have you convinced the only path out is to declare bankruptcy, but you know the negative effects will last for years... so what do you do? Call our Debt Counseling Specialist to learn about your best options.

If it meets your needs, your counselor will set up a debt management program.  Sometimes called debt consolidation, this program consolidates your debt payments into convenient deposits.  For a small monthly fee (some will have fee waived), GreenPath pays your creditors on your behalf and works with them to stop collection calls, lower interest, bring your accounts current and waive late and overlimit fees. Your credit score will cease to be negatively impacted and will begin to recover with a history of on-time payments. Monthly reviews will ensure your goals are being met and once your debt has been successfully controlled, you’ll be on-track to start achieving your next financial goal.

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