ACMG Scholarship Program

Every year, ACMG offers a Scholarship program to graduating high school seniors who will be attending college in the fall following graduation. Winners are chosen based on quality of essay written, participation in school & community activities, and grades.

ACMG's Scholarship Deadline has passed for high school seniors graduating in 2017. Thank you to those who applied, we will announce the winners in May.

Our Scholarship Application process: 

ACMG Federal Credit Union has a partnership with the Credit Union Association of New York (CUANY). This partnership allows our scholarship applicants the chance to win an ACMG scholarship, the Central NY District scholarship and the CUANY scholarship -- all with one application.

  1. Complete the Scholarship Application that becomes available in the fall. Please type or print clearly, and use only the space provided on the form to answer the questions. Other than where specified on the application form, no attachments, resumes, pictures or other materials of any kind should be submitted or used to answer the questions. (If you cannot print from the application link above, stop by or call a branch office for a paper copy.)
  2. You and your parent or guardian must sign the Certification and Release Authorization on the back page of the application form.
  3. Submit your signed application directly to ACMG by the due date, along with:
    • a high school transcript documenting your GPA for grades 9-11;
    • an SAT/PSAT/ACT transcript; and
    • a typed essay response. If any portion is incomplete or not included, the application will not be considered.
  4. After verifying your membership, your application will be signed by a management-level credit union employee and submitted to the Credit Union Association of New York for grading. Winners will be notified in April and awards are presented at our Annual Meeting in May.
Note: You must be a member of ACMG Federal Credit Union at the time you return your scholarship application. If you are not currently a member, please call us at 315-488-4433 to learn how to join.